Our Mission & Vision

Our vision

We aspire to be the first choice in the provision of services, industrial and commercial goods and the infrastructure establishment locally and expand regionally.

Our Mission

Providing superior levels of service and outstanding performance in the implementation of investment projects for various construction types and international high-quality architectural construction. Thus, act as the professional mediator in the trade of importing, exporting and real estate. As well as the effective contribution together with the various responsible public sector institutions to make a quantum leap in the evolution of society capacity, both individuals and groups. Also, granting opportunities for Omani youth entrepreneurs in different investment fields and giving them the necessary expertise including reflecting a positive image on the sustainable development of the Sultanate in general and the development of the Omani society in particular. (Al-Badi Investment Group) are devoting continuous efforts to provide useful aid and venerable community services that are helpful for the Omani individual in the state of Saham. This is done through the implementation of many activities of various development projects, the financial assistance, technical and moral support to schools and other public institutions in the state.