Corporate Profile

Al-Badi Investment Group was founded over three decades ago under the leadership of Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al-Badi (Chairman - Al-Badi Investment Holding) and Sheikh Khamis bin Abdullah Ali al-Badi (Executive Director - Al-Badi Investment Holding). Al-Badi group is considered as one of the leading companies in the Sultanate, which consists of several companies operating in a variety of fields, including contracting, manufacturing, construction, trade, industry, advertising and tourism. These companies are cooperating together in order to accomplish the Group’s vision. In addition, these companies provide a variety of services and products to the Omani market, which makes the Group one of the major players within the local market. Our main goal is to serve the Omani community with the products and services that we offer along with accomplishing a fruitful success.


The most important subsidiaries in the Group are as follows:

  • Al-Badi Trading & Contracting
  • Al-Badi Technical Industries
  • Asas Civil Contracting
  • Jelfah Trading and Services
  • Gulf International LLC
  • Al Sawadir Trading & Import
  • Kawas Engineering LLC
  • Al-Badi Advertising and Publishing LLC