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Al-Badi is considered one of the leading successful groups within Oman. It consists of several companies that are operating in various fields such as construction, manufacturing, trade, Industry, Media and tourism. These companies have a unique association towards profit maximization thus being a more successful Group; by offering a wide variety of services and products to the Omani market, which makes Al-Badi one of the major players locally. Our main goal is to serve the Omani community with the services and products that we offer along with achieving a fruitful success.


المدير العام يشارك في ملتقى _ معاً نتقدم _

شارك المدير العام لمجموعة البادي للاستثمار _ ناصر بن عبيد البادي _ في ملتقى _معاً نتقدم_

In cooperation with Albadi group, the Sohar Court of Appeal is organizing a symposium entitled The Law of Simplifying Procedures between Reality and Hope

The Sohar Court of Appeal, in cooperation with Al-Badi Investment Group, organized a symposium entitled “The Law of Simplifying Procedures between Reality and Hope” in … Read More

Al-Badi Group receives a number of foreign companies

Visiting a number of foreign companies in the fields of contracting, building and construction and energy systems to get acquainted with the various activities of the group.

With the aim of exchanging experiences and cooperation in the field of trade and manufacturing, the group receives several Iranian companies

Al-Badi Investment Group received a number of Iranian companies with the aim of exchanging experiences and cooperation in the field of trade and manufacturing. Through these visits… Read More

The group receives the students of Jaafar Bin Abi Talib School

Al Badi Investment Group receives the students of Jaafar bin Abi Talib School at its headquarters in Saham, where the students were introduced to the facilities and departments of … Read More

Eid al-Fitr

Albadi investment holding group wishes you on the blessed occasion of Eid al-Fitr we ask allah to accept our and your good deeds and may allah bring blessings to you every year

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The first commercial activity was recorded back in 1976; however, the starting was in the year 1977. The Foundation began constructing buildings including civil works such as electricity, plumbing and carpentry. Currently, the Group is known as “Al-Badi Investment Holding” which owns about 12 companies and has branches around Oman. There are plans to open new branches in other GCC countries starting hopefully next year. Al-Badi Group business is considered as one of the leading businesses in Oman as they are contributing in the construction and development process in various developmental and urban aspects. The group also contributes effectively in human resource development ? as they are keen to give the Omani employees proper training and development to be qualified for the job. This makes Al-Badi really proud of the national labor that is now occupying vital leadership positions within the group’s companies.

In addition, we are proud to announce that these accomplishments are made by an Omani management and staff. The Group also is putting great efforts in training and developing the Omani crew in all fields to be able to run the Group’s business, especially the managerial part. Therefore, during the past few years most of the departments consist of Omani labor, consequently, some departments are 100% Omani labor.

As for corporate social responsibility, the Group contributes and organizes a large number of events and activities whether it was cultural, social, traditional or sports. The most important events are the Annual Collective Marriage, the Maritime Festival, Camels Festival, Shooting Contest, Group Cup for Athletic Teams, Athletic Teachers Contest, Religious and Cultural Contests and many others. 

Ali bin Abdullah Al Badi
Founder & Chairman

Al-Badi Investment Group is playing a vital role in the economical and urban field of the country ?by constructing a number of huge projects such as buildings, roads, bridges, different artistic industries, public trade and importing. This is done through several subsidiaries and those are; Al-Badi Trading & Contracting, Al-Badi Artistic Industries, Kawas engineering for machinery and equipment, elevators and escalators and air conditioning technologies, including other subsidiaries. In addition to the corporate social responsibility that the company is doing, we are planning for more development and growth in order to accomplish an effective contribution to serve our beloved country under the wise leadership of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said God protect and look after him.

I am pleased to announce that Al-Badi Investment Group has been able to accomplish their major goal towards attaining accomplishments in different activities and in all the Group’s companies.

The Group has made all efforts in order to attain this goal ? as they are currently applying the latest electronic systems in the management, accounting, human resources management, sales, assets and inventory. Consequently Al-Badi Group chose Optimum® System that will have a significant impact on organizing their workflow and make their plans based on a system that has a huge database, expertise and knowledge.

We are seeking for a more coordinated Group when it comes to our subsidiaries and conduct strategic plans to achieve a sustainable growth and continuous success.

Khamis bin Abdullah Al Badi
Executive Director

The Group Companies



05 Sep

Holy Quran Award for the year 1435 AH

Ali bin Abdullah Al Badi has celebrated with 135 students who took part in the competition of the year 1435 (AH) to memorize and recite the Holy Quran with affiliated summer center… Read More

27 Jun

The First Collective Wedding

Al-Badi Group organized a joyful social celebration on the occasion of planning the largest collective wedding at county level, by arranging a ceremony for 106 grooms. The celebrat… Read More

02 Sep

Saham Marine Festival

The first Saham Marine Festival supported and organized by Al-Badi Investment Group under the slogan (our heritage maritime glory and sovereignty) took place under the patronage of… Read More

13 Jun

The Second Collective Wedding

Saham State celebrated for the second time a collective marriage festivity under the patronage of His Highness Sayed Timor bin Asad bin Tariq Al Saeed. The number of grooms partici… Read More

06 Feb

The fourth annual festival race for camels

With support of Al-Badi Investment Group, out of concern for the revival of this authentic traditional sport and to highlight what the Omani citizens acquire from authentic Omani b… Read More

15 Feb

Saham second Marine Festival

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications and with the presence of His Excellency Dr. Fuad bin Jaafar Alsajw… Read More