Al-Badi Technical Industries LLC.

Al-Badi Technical Industries LLC is one of the major companies in manufacturing and producing artifacts in the Sultanate of Oman, Saham State, which falls under the umbrella of Al-Badi Group. The company has a number of industrial workshops:


  • Steel manufacturing and production workshop.
  • Wood manufacturing and production workshop.
  • Aluminum manufacturing and production workshop.
  • Plastic manufacturing and production workshop.

Al-Badi Technical Industries was founded on the 20th of June 1987, and began its operations with the following activities:

  • Ironware production such as doors and trailers, buses and metal structures, equipment and other mechanical machinery.
  • Metal production (aluminum) such as doors, windows and glazing.
  • Wood production such as doors, windows, home appliances, office and home materials, plus manufacturing and installation of kitchens.
  • Household and non-household plastic artifacts needed by the consumer at the community level industry and in the public and private sectors which can be used in various civil projects.


The company has developed their activities and expanded their industrial businesses and was able to achieve:


  • Excellent class in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Oman records.
  • Excellent class in Oman Tender Board.
  • A certificate of equipment conformity, devices and materials with civil defense standards.
  • Registration of the company in the oil projects of the development of Oman's oil.
  • License certificate for the manufacturing of fire-resistant doors from Civil Defense.

The company is always interested in innovative machinery and  new products in the equipment market; to reach the required standards and speed. Consequently, Al-Badi Technical Industries accomplished a large number of private and governmental projects and businesses that have exceeded 400 representations:

  • Producing iron, wooden, aluminum and plastic artifacts for villas and private buildings
  • Producing iron, wooden, aluminum and plastic artifacts for private and governmental projects
  • Producing iron, wooden, aluminum and plastic artifacts for Muscat Municipality and the Royal Oman Police and the Ministry of Civil Defense and the Ministry of Defense.
  • Producing iron, wooden, aluminum and plastic artifacts for Sohar Refinery.

Company Address:

Sultanate of Oman, Al-Batinah North, Saham.

Telephone: 0096826854411

Fax: 0096826855744

P.O. Box: 70, Postal Code: 319