Saham Private School

Saham Private School is a distinctive entity which delivers education excellence on local basis, while having a mixture of traditions and modernity. As the owners of this entity believe in what His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, may God protect him, said, “If you have no past, you have neither present nor future”. Consequently, the school’s mission is combining the inheritance gained from our ancestors, such as literature and science, as well as what modern educators discovered currently from innovations, inventions and educational theories.

This is how we gain success every year, by the superb level reached by students through their scientific distinction and their marvelous intellectual mentality which is evidence of how successful the school is in terms of mission and policy application.

Saham School is considered as one of the major leaders locally as they are committed to serve the general policy of education in Oman.  We appreciate these efforts and applaud every sincere contribution that might raise the educational level, hoping that God help us under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God protect him.

Company Address:

Sultanate of Oman, Al-Batinah North, Saham.

Telephone: 0096826854411

Fax: 0096826855744

P.O. Box: 70, Postal Code: 319