Jilfah Trading & Services

Jilfah Trading & Services is considered as the strongest in Al-Badi Investment Holding quarrying companies, that is located in Oman, Adam Province.

Jilfah Company is specialized in the extraction of rocks and and high-quality stone from valleys and  sites in Adam Province. This is in order to extract high-quality products that enable the company to compete in the construction sector especially in the ready-mixed concrete sector, paving highways operations and internal roads in various States and Provinces of the Sultanate of Oman.

Jilfah Trading & Services Company was established on 24th of November 2004. The company started extracting rocks and high-quality stone from valleys and sites from the area allocated and licensed by the concerned governmental authorities in the Sultanate of Oman.

The company is extracting rocks by using modern machinery and equipment to reach the required speed and standards, which enables them to meet their customers’ requests at all levels. The company owns a global brand cracking unit (Impact Crusher, Germany).

The company accomplished many projects related to sand and rocks production based on the latest engineering analysis measurements and high quality standards in terms of:

  • Regular shape and rigidity, which bear the pressure and size gradualism to create homogeneity in the mixing process with cement to give the required cohesion strength.
  • Extraction of thick-high quality layers that are sand and impurities free.
  • The production of various types of sand and rocks (10, 20.40 millimeter) and (SAND) type.
  • The production of a number of rocks and sand types that can be used in the embankments for layers of earth and the settlement of floors and riprap work used for highways and internal road works. 

Company Address:

Sultanate of Oman, Al-Batinah North, Saham.

Telephone: 0096826854411

Fax: 0096826855744

P.O. Box: 70, Postal Code: 319