Green Oasis Hotel

Green Oasis Hotel is located near a beautiful oasis, 200 Kilometers away from Musqat, and 150 Kilometers away from Dubai, ten minutes by car from the Main Mall and shopping center, only 15 minutes from the industrial city of Sohar. The hotel has 48 rooms and modern suites with glamorous features and comfortable space. In addition, tea and coffee are served for free.

Moreover, other public services and guest facilities of the hotel include an outdoor pool, a gym, a sauna dining hall and meeting rooms. Green Oasis Resort is one of Sohar’s resorts that contains exclusive furnished rooms and suites which are in line with international standards.

Company Address:

Sultanate of Oman, Al-Batinah North, Saham.

Telephone: 0096826854411

Fax: 0096826855744

P.O. Box: 70, Postal Code: 319