Asas Civil Contracting LLC.

Asas Civil Contracting is considered as one of the entrepreneurial companies in the contracting and civil construction field in Oman. The company is headquartered in Saham, and it is a subsidiary of Al-Badi Investment Group Holding.

The company owns a fleet of machinery equipment and trucks specialized in paving roads, which qualifies the company to conduct huge thus high quality projects. Asas also have an integrated unit for road and triangles planning.


Asas Civil Contracting was launched in May 2006 as company specialized in the following businesses and constructions:

  • Highway networks.
  • Various types of bridges and superstructure bridges.
  • Tunnels.
  • Intersections.
  • Airstrips.
  • Supporting infrastructure for highway networks.


The Foundation has developed and expanded its activities in its businesses and projects and was able to achieve:

  • Excellent class in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Oman
  • Excellent class in Oman Tender Board
  • First-class in the Ministry of Defense.


The company accomplished many projects and businesses both private and governmental, such as, establishing many road networks in accordance with international standards in various governorates of the Sultanate Oman, including:


  • Establish a network of roads within Saham Province.
  • Create a network of roads in Adam Province.
  • Establish a network of roads in Al-Dafah camp, Haima Province.
  • Establish a network of roads within the city of Rustaq and its affiliate villages.
  • Create a network of roads involved in Al-Mudhaibi.
  • Establish a network of roads within Suwayq Province.
  • Create a network of roads within Wadi Al-Maawel Province.
  • Establish a network of roads linking JAMA village in Rustaq and Tarif village in Al-Musanaa Province.
  • Maintenance and repair of roads damaged by rain in Shinas.
  • Filling, coordinating and paving the ground of Al- Musanaa airbase.

Company Address:

Sultanate of Oman, Al-Batinah North, Saham.

Telephone: 0096826854411

Fax: 0096826855744

P.O. Box: 70, Postal Code: 319